My Facebook Account Is Temporarily Locked, How to Unlock It?

Facebook, the world’s largest social media network, with over 2.6 billion active users, is growing at a fast pace every year. People can easily connect with their friends and relatives on Facebook. They can easily surf news, and information to stay updated with what is going on in the world and express their views on it.

Facebook remarkably worked towards bringing people closer, but it is common on this platform to have problems such as privacy issues, spamming, authentication issues, identity theft. To save its users from such problems, Facebook keeps updating its security guidelines. But sometimes, authentic Facebook accounts get locked accidentally due to its strict policy and other reasons.

In this guide, we will thoroughly discuss the reasons your account gets blocked on Facebook and what you can do in that situation.

Facebook Account Temporarily Locked

Facebook has easy to use features. But, if it senses any suspicious activity from the user-end, Facebook can ask for user authentication. It is a useful step towards stopping spam and malicious activities on their platform. However, in preventing faulty accounts, legitimate users may suffer too and get locked out of their accounts.

Reasons for Facebook Temporarily Locked

Several possibilities can make Facebook temporarily lock your account. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. If your account gets reported for some abusive content, comment, or any other similar offensive action. If these reports arrive on a mass level, then Facebook takes action against your account.
  2. If you start spamming your posts in the name of promoting, then also Facebook may lock your account.
  3. If you refuse the warnings from Facebook and fail to prove the authentication of your account.
  4. If there is some suspicious activity on your account on Facebook, your account may be temporarily locked.
  5. Facebook has set a limit in sending a Friend request to prevent spamming. So if you exceed that limit, then also your account may get blocked.
  6. You are using your account on multiple devices concurrently.
  7. If you unknowingly share a spam content.

Note: You can read the community guidelines of Facebook through link and prevent your account from getting locked.

What to Do When Your Account is Temporarily Locked

Even after taking all of the precautions your account gets blocked, then you will not be able to log in to your account. Instead, you will get an error that your account is temporarily blocked for security purposes. If you are facing such an issue, do not try to log in to your account immediately. Wait for at least 96 hours after getting your Facebook account locked, complete this period, and then clean the cache memory and browser history. You can also use a different browser to access your account.

If you find that your account is still blocked, then possibly the reason that your account got blocked due to security purposes. In that case, you have to prove your identity as the actual owner.

How to Unlock Facebook Account Temporarily Locked for Security Reasons

You have the following method to solve this issue for you and regain your account accessibility.

  1. After clearing the cache data and browser history, go to and fill your login credentials.
  2. Facebook may ask you some security-related questions, and you have to answer those questions accurately.
  3. If you answer all of the inquiries in the given session, this process can help you to recover your account automatically. If not, then you have to verify your identity to Facebook.

My Facebook Account Is Locked for Security Reasons, How to Unlock

You can take the following steps to authenticate your identity and recover your account.

If your account got blocked due to violating Facebook security guidelines, then you can get it back by submitting your ID proof.

  1. Copy this link and paste it on your browser to open the form to submit your ID.
  2. It will open the application in which you have to fill the details, click on Choose files to confirm your identity document, and tap on the Send button. With these steps, you can get back your without worrying about why my Facebook account is locked.

Note: You have multiple choices from which you can add an ID such as Birth certificate, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID card, etc. Also, you have to wait at least a week after submitting your ID, for Facebook to complete the identification process.

Alternate Approach to Unlock Your Facebook Account Temporarily Locked for Security Reasons

You can take the help of your trusted friends to recover your locked account. These are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to and fill your login ID and password.
  2. Now select the option Get help from friends on the Security page.
  3. A list of your friends will open from which you have to find a friend that knows how to unlock Facebook account, and you can reach him at the moment.
  4. A code will be sent to your friends, collect that code, and enter it on the given field.
  5. Once the key resembles, your account will reopen.

Follow These Precaution Methods After You Unlock Facebook Account

  1. Do not engage in restricted activities on Facebook.
  2. Do not log in to your account from multiple devices.
  3. Put restrictions on sending friend requests, and do not spam content and messages.
  4. Do not post anything sensitive that is unacceptable in Facebook guidelines and avoid commenting, liking such posts as well.
  5. Avoid proxy servers at all costs.

Facebook Locked Me Out from My Account

Imagine using a Facebook in a device for so long, and when you want to login to your account in another device, but you cannot remember your login details. You started to have trouble logging into your account, and after multiple steps, you are temporarily locked out of your account. If your case is this one or similar, then do not worry because many users face this issue.

Reasons Facebook Locked Out from Your Account

 There can be multiple reasons Facebook does not let you sign in to your account.

  1. You failed to provide your correct login credentials even after multiple attempts.
  2. Someone else wrongfully tries to enter into your account.
  3. You were involved in spamming or any other banned activities on Facebook.

How to Unblock My Facebook Account

You can recover your Facebook account by following these steps.

1. Go to Facebook and select the Forgot Password option.

2. Now enter your email address or phone number in the given field. You can also enter your full name if you cannot remember any of these.

3. Select your account from the list if you have entered your name and click continue.



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My Facebook Account Is Temporarily Locked, How to Unlock It?

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